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Leanne Tran

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Leanne Tran

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Collaborative Problem Solving: guide for Parents

Download this guide to work WITH your child to solve problems, reduce frustration and increase parenting success!

Supporting Your ADHD Teen

A 6 week course for parents, taking you from overwhelmed to confidently understanding and supporting your teenager.

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About me

I am a Registered Psychologist committed to uncovering with parents what their child needs, adding practical ideas that work, and giving parents the confidence to know they’ve got everything covered.  I offer all my knowledge for parents to fill in the blanks, be their child’s best champion and delight in parenting again.

What I do

I know how important it is for you to be confident in parenting your child, that’s why I’m constantly adjusting the typical parenting advice by bringing together ideas from lots of theories to make advice flexible enough to fit any mold.

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Parent Like a Psychologist

Shift your perspective on parenting

Join registered psychologist Leanne Tran to understand how development and developmental differences impact your child.  Understanding brings empathy, empathy brings patience, and patience brings calm. Leanne has 20 years of experience working with families. and three children of her own.  She values psychology knowledge and learning, and knows that with this parents can make a massive change in their children’s lives. 

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Introduction to Financial and Strategic Parenting

May 27, 2024

Into The Science of Love And Learning

May 20, 2024

Creating Strong Relationships with Your Children

May 13, 2024